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Editorials3 weeks ago

My Final Girls Support Group: How Horror Helps Me Grieve

This article discusses topics that may be distressing or triggering to some readers. If you find such content uncomfortable, you...

Editorials1 month ago

“I’m Voting For Dukakis:” Conservatism, the Generation Gap, & Book Bans in ‘Donnie Darko’ (2000)

Let’s be honest with ourselves.  On your first watch, second, fifteenth, did you ever figure out what the cult classic Donnie...

Editorials3 months ago

‘I Still Know What You Did Last Summer’: A Lesson in How to Watch a Stupid Movie

If you made a word cloud out of every review of 1998’s I Still Know What You Did Last Summer...

Editorials3 months ago

Celebrating Clea DuVall: Impactful Roles in Horror and Coming Out in a Horrible World

Some people may find themselves tragically unaware of who Clea DuVall is. Even those who don’t know her name most...

Editorials3 months ago

Mean Ghouls: When Does Queer Horror Get To Sit At The Table?

Note: I spoke with a handful of queer filmmakers for this article. To protect people’s identities and careers, their names...

Editorials3 months ago

Horror, Men, Queer Love, and Cars: The Hitcher & Christine

When thinking about the historical and traditional symbols of heteronormative male culture, two main things come to mind; women and...

Editorials3 months ago

Les Ghouls: The Cockettes and the Creation of the Modern Drag Monster

With legendary queens popping up more frequently in fright films and fabulous monsters routinely competing for a crown on one...

Editorials3 months ago

Transformed: A Trans Take on ‘Suspiria’ & ‘Possessor’

It’s a hard time to be a trans person. Not only do we have to sift through the identities projected...

Editorials3 months ago

A Look at Queer Representation in Mainstream Horror

Representation matters. Everyone needs to see themselves reflected in the art they consume, especially people from marginalized groups. Seeing queer...

Editorials3 months ago

A Hag For All Seasons: Why Baby Jane Speaks To Us

[Author’s Note: This particular piece largely focuses on cis gay men specifically, though there are a variety of people in...