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Luis Pomales-Diaz

BROOKLYN HORROR FILM FESTIVAL 2023 RUNDOWN: When & Where It’s Happening, What to Watch, And How To Get In

Tiffany Taylor

Navigating an Ocean of Horror: The Perfect Horror Movies for Beginners

Alex Warrick

Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights 2023: The Definitive Haunted House Ranking

Abigail Waldron

“I’m Voting For Dukakis:” Conservatism, the Generation Gap, & Book Bans in ‘Donnie Darko’ (2000)

Amanda Nevada DeMel

Review: ‘Saint Maud’ A Sinner’s Ecstasy

James-Michael Fleites

Follow Us For a Chance to Win our ‘It Follows’ Giveaway!

Ian Carlos Crawford

My Final Girls Support Group: How Horror Helps Me Grieve

Jenika McCrayer

Aquatic Horror Brought to the Tabletop FLOAT: FROM THE DEEP Review

Maya Capasso

The Top 10 Most Disturbing Traps from the Saw Franchise — Ranked

Eli BadCritic

Fantasia International Film Festival 2023 Wrap-Up

Bash Ortega

It Came From Shudder: November Edition

Brennan Klein

Why the Willy Wonka Boat Scene is Still the Scariest Thing You’ve Ever Seen

Frederick Hare

Review: ‘The Deep House’ An Aquatic Ghost Experience

Sharai Bohannon

The Entire ‘Saw’ Franchise Ranked

Brucker Nourse

Revealer (2022): Using Neon Lights to Reveal the Hypocrisy of Those Holier Than Thou

Mike Lefton

Mia from ‘Evil Dead’ – A New Kind of Final Girl

Beyza Ozer

Here to Slay: A Queer Horror Movie Viewing Guide

Horror Press

Movies We’re Most Excited To See At Brooklyn Horror Film Festival

Michael Varrati

Les Ghouls: The Cockettes and the Creation of the Modern Drag Monster

Ryan Kinney

Give Me Your Queer Rage

John Hernandez

A Look at Queer Representation in Mainstream Horror

Samantha McLaren

Sapphic Scares: A Brief History of Lesbian Horror

Chris Amandier

Help Make the Paranormal Queer Again!

Justin Moritz

Transformed: A Trans Take on ‘Suspiria’ & ‘Possessor’

Christopher Ikonomou

Everything You Need to Know About ‘The Texas Chain Saw Massacre’ Game

Kristina Kersey

Say Their Names: ‘Candyman’ and the Horrors of Youth Court

Aileen Clark

It Came From Streaming: Hispanic Heritage Month

Tori Potenza

Horror, Men, Queer Love, and Cars: The Hitcher & Christine

DeVaughn Taylor

The Covenant: A Queer-Coded Paradox

E.L. King

Embracing Ellen Ripley and Alien’s Genderfluid Motifs

Michael Ahern

Mean Ghouls: When Does Queer Horror Get To Sit At The Table?

Miles Mendoza

Choosing the Wilderness: The Fantasy of Escape in ‘Let the Right One In’

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